Forest Floor Mulch

Forest Floor Mulch

Forest Floor Mulch makes a great ground cover due to its stringy, interlocking wood fibers.

Made from native tree grindings and is suitable for plants, trees, or to cover bare ground. 

Applied on top of your soil 2" - 4" to retain moisture, prevent erosion, and stabilize soil temperature.

Gives decorative appearance around plants or in planter beds.

All natural material.

Up to 50 cubic yards delivered at once.

1 cubic yard = 160 square feet at 2" depth

35654 Sierra Hwy.
Palmdale, CA 93550

Get up to 50 yards delivered. Free Shipping.

Free Delivery on this product only.

Deliveries must be local Palmdale and Lancaster.

Minimum of 6 yards must be purchased. 

6 yards covers 960 square feet at 2 inches depth.

Must mention website offer.

March 29, 2019
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